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Show Threadless Love, They’ll Show You A $5 Tee


Threadless has a special deal going on right now. Just tell them why you love their shirts and you can buy any $10 tee for only $5 -that includes this great design showing adorable animals smoking.

Advertising Sickening Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

The Most Disgusting Craigstlist Ad Ever

I know you can’t read it at this size, but click on the image for a close up or click here if you prefer.

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Hooray, Another Threadless Sale


Threadless is having another great sale, this time you can get shirts for $8, $10 or $15, plus there’s a coupon for an extra $5 off, just use b2coolx5 during checkout. Awesomeness is on, especially with this sweet Zombie Noms shirt.


Selling Vintage Clothes On Etsy


Hey everyone, I listed a few clothes on Etsy’s vintage clothes section. Please go check them out. If you like what you see, please go buy them. I have no job right now and could really appriciate it.

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10 Great Star Wars Items

I forgot to post, up until now, that I have a new piece on InventorSpot. This one focuses on 10 goofy Star Wars items. If you haven’t happened to see it yet, please do stop by.

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Threadless Sale

Threadless rocks. They’re having another great sale going right now. Shirts start at $5. I like the vampire kit above, this one’s only $15. Awesome.

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Massive Threadless Sale

If you haven’t caught on by now, I love Threadless. They’re having another great sale and this time, all sorts of tees are up to $9 off. The one above is only $9. Get em while you can!