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This Chewbacca Cameo Is Geeky And So Fashionable


For only $4o, you too can wear your geek love right over your heart with this adorable Chewie necklace. Just look at those precious monster teeth.

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The Best Geek Wedding Rings Ever


Looking for a great geeky wedding ring? Look no further than Etsy seller SwankMetalsmithing. Not only do they have great premade designs, but they will even custom make a wedding band. Prices vary based on the metal and stones used, but can go anywhere from $200 to $15oo. Someone want to propose to me? I’d love one of these.

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Awesome Ring Designs

I don’t know about you, but I sure could use an awesome book ring to be able to take notes wherever I go. Check out more cool and weird rings here.

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Jewelry Inspired By The Internet

BuzzFeed has a great collection of jewelry inspired by the internet and I must say -if I wore earrings at all, I’d be all over these long cat ones.

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Decidedly Creepy Taxidermy Jewelry

If you forgot to get the person you’re stalking a Valentine’s present, it’s never too late to get him or her some deliciously freaky taxidermy jewelry.

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The Geekiest Jewelry Ever

Between ethernet plug rings and circuit board earrings, these pieces of jewelry are undoubtedly the dorkiest ever.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Breast Milk Jewlery

Seriously, eww.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want anything made from another woman’s breast milk. Particularly jewelry. I guess if you’re one of those weird people that has an obsession with mothers in societies though, you might like it. -Freak.

Thanks Boing Boing.