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Great April Fool’s Day Pranks

April Fool’s Day may be long gone by now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to sit back, relax and enjoy the laughs from past internet pranks.

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The 7 Craziest Pranks Ever

If someone tells you there’s a volcano exploding in your town, you shouldn’t have to check the calendar to see if it’s April 1st, but that didn’t stop the police from letting one prankster fake a volcanic eruption in 1974. This insane prank is one of the many weird and disturbing stunts featured in this great Cracked article.

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ThinkGeek’s April Fools

ThinkGeek has released its annual April Fool’s Day goodies list and, once again, they did not disappoint. From arsenic-laced sea monkeys to glasses that make 3D movies 2D again, they’re all funny. What’s really true to form though is that they once again created a fake product that I really wish was real. This year it’s the Bonzai Kitten Plush. Like always though, if enough of us vote to make it real, this will become an actual item, so please visit the site, click on the order button and then vote for it.

Also, if you’re interested in placing any orders with the site, you really ought to do it today as you can get a free tee with an $15 order.


Things You Wish Were April Fools


A mouse mouse is pretty gross and far out. Who wouldn’t want this…oh yeah, everyone.


Also, five gross ass foods you wish were fake. Like these bubble gum weenies. Eww.