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Would You Visit A Sci Fi Brothel?

I know many people have watched Star Trek and dreamed of one day enjoying the company of the sexy green gals from other worlds. Or at least, that’s what Moonlight Bunnyranch owner Dennis Hof is hoping for as he prepares to open his new science fiction brothel.

Really though, if he just gets enough slave Leias running around, I’m sure he’ll be raking in a profit in no time. Would you stop by a house of ill-repute filled with alien babes?

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Fox News Headlines Versus Real Headlines


BuzzFeed has a great collection of Fox News headlines pitted against the real headlines of stories and the discrepancies are hilarious. For example, the story seen above is called “School Goose Round Up Called Off” in a real newspaper the hunt was called off because the geese already left the school grounds.

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Heavy Winds Send Waterfall In Reverse

(Video Link)

While most of the US is suffering through a heatwave, Australians are going through a rough winter with incredible winds. How powerful are the winds? Strong enough to send the falling water from the waterfalls shooting back up in the air.


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Contortionist Thief Scores On Bus Rides

Usually contortionism is just use as a circus trick that gets some people sexually excited, but one man with notable contortionist skills was able to use his ability for ill-gotten gains by riding in the luggage compartment on a bus and stealing from the other passenger’s luggage while the bus was operating.


12 Volumes of Wikipedia Edits on Iraq

One of the most fascinating things about Wikipedia is what it means to allow anyone edit an encyclopedia entry at will. While this 12 volume set of Wikipedia changes regarding the Iraq war is certain to provide a unique historical perspective of the event as it happened, the true value of these pages is in physically recording the public’s interest in altering the entry.


Where’s the Cheese?

Snack fooders beware, there seems to be at least one batch of Chili Cheese Fritos on the shelves right now that is distinctly lacking the artificial chili cheese flavorings that make them so wonderful.

Imagine my sadness when I opened my bag only to find chili cheeseless corn chips. I’m posting this as a warning to you to avoid these bland morsels until things are straightened out.


Drunken Hedgehog Recovers

david real 1

Tipsy, a hedgehog from England, was discovered completely hammered after eating too many fermented apples. Fortunately, the people who found him rushed him over to the Prickly Ball Hedgehog Hospital, where he recovered just fine.

Image Via David Real 1 [Flickr]


Big Boobs Save The Day


Japanese model Serena Kozakura was accused of burglary, until she was able to prove she couldn’t have entered the area with her huge ta tas. “I used to hate my body so much because I thought my bust was too big,” she said, “But it was definitely my breasts that won for me today.”


Note To Self -Don’t Work Hard


This makes me glad that I slack off, come in late and leave early every day. Someone’s bound to notice when I’m dead.


The Trouble With Panda Obsessions


Anyone who lives in San Diego understands what panda fixations do to the public…there’s just too much attention whenever a panda bears a cub. But what about the other zoo animals? Thailand’s national symbol is the elephant, but these sweet, cute animals are getting ignored in the country in favor of the black and white bears. The solution? Make elephants into pandas!  The results were just too cute.