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26 Animals That Hate Their Lives


Oh you poor abused, utterly adorable critters. Just remember, at least you’re entertaining us.

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The Saddest Horses On Earth

Horses are such majestic animals…until you strip them of all of dignity like these absolutely cruel animal owners. To be fair though, they are absolutely hilarious looking.

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How Nyan Cat Was Born

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The Saddest, Cutest Cartoon Ever

Aww, poor little kitty. I would watch your YouTube video.

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Damn You Grapes!

Poor little turtle.

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11 Hillarious Test Answers

Start weeping for your future….now.

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I Weep For The Future

If you can find humor in the depressing state of American education, then you will appreciate the new blog Shit My Students Write, which has gems like,

The rebel and onion armies showed grose negligence by having many of their battles right inside national parks, like Gettysburg.

On the other hand, if you know our future is being flushed down the toilet and the prospect makes you physically ill to think about, then you probably shouldn’t click on the link.

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Sadly Cute Animals Stuck In Things

This poor horse had to be rescued with the help of chainsaws, but it’s not the only animal embarassed after getting its head stuck in something. Check out more sad, yet humorous, stories on Oddee.

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Misery Bear Supports Red Nose Day

Americans might not know much about Red Nose Day, but it’s a British celebration to raise funds for comic relief. If you have some extra money, you may want to help out, or you could also donate to the Red Cross for the Japanese earthquake fund.

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Crocodile Swallows Cell Phone

A 14 year old crocodile in the Ukraine swallowed a tourist’s cell phone and is has become constipated, lethargic and has lost his appetite -for over a month so far. Zoo keepers tried to feed the croc live quails stuffed with laxative, but even after smothering one to death, he still refused to eat it. If this goes on another week, the keepers will be forced to perform surgery.

Meanwhile, the phone keeps ringing and the woman has insisted that she get the SIM card back from her phone after the croc releases it.

Image via Rob Valkass [Flickr]