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More Dogs In Costumes

I know we’ve featured a ton of pet costumes here already, but there’s no way I could pass on this great list of highbrow dog Halloween costumes. Especially after seeing this adorable Marie Antoinette dog.

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90 Corgis in Their Halloween Costumes

I’m a sucker for Halloween and corgis, so imagine my excitement when I uncovered this article featuring 90 corgis in Halloween costumes.

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8 Awesome Adult Halloween Costumes

I’ve already featured plenty of kid and pet costumes here, but here are some great adult costumes, including this Sputnik 2 one, which requires both man and beast.

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15 Geeky Baby Costumes

They’re absolutely adorable, but they’re also perfect choices for geeky parents to inflict upon their youngsters.


Sweet Banksy Painting IRL

What’s so rad about this Banksy painting? It’s not a painting at all, it’s really a Halloween costume that just looks incredibly perfect.

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Too Lazy For A Real Costume?

This zombie shirt is far more clever than those overused “This Is My Halloween Costume” shirts.

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Is Your Croc Ready For Halloween?

If you didn’t think crocodiles were cute, think again. They’re downright precious when they happen to be dwarf caimans dressed as Iron Man.

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Creepiest Costume Ever

Looking for a Halloween costume that makes people ask “WTF?” This blow up doll outfit is a great way to terrify most people you see and turn on the rest of them.