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Celebrate Halloween With These Cool Spooky Pins

It’s Halloween time again (finally) and if you like to wear your love for the holiday on your sleeve, or chest, or hat, you’ll want to check out these cool skull pins from Santos Demonios.

Want something a little more adorable, but still a touch scary? Then you might just love this adorable Muppet-style monster. It comes in all kinds of colors, including the purple and green ones pictured, as well as blue, orange and red.

Each cool, spooky pin is laboriously casted, sanded and hand painted, meaning your pin will be entirely one-of-a-kind. You can even reach out to the seller if you have a custom color combination you’re just dying to make into a reality.

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This Tie Fighter Fascinator Is Fascinating


Need something a little fancy to spruce up your outfit but don’t want to miss the chance to show off your geek side? Then try this great tie fighter headband.

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I’d Watch Her Walk Away


Talk about sexy, well put together and geeky, these heels are totally babe-alicious.

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These Are The Sweaters of Our Lives

Until now, you’ve probably never realized what an impact these sweaters made on you throughout the years. But face it, you recognized all of them. Learn more about the sweaters here.

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Bill & Ted Meets Doctor Who

Available at Red Bubble if you’re ready to take a trip through time and space.

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Cool Cosplay Eyes

If you’re looking for a good way to adorn yourself for your next cosplay session, these great eyeshadow anime eyes are a great way to fix yourself up. See more unique eyeshadow styles over at Oddee.

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Deep Space Fighter Bed

Finally a great way to spend your nights in full geekdom.


15 Real Hobbit Houses

If you wanted one of those awesome hobbit houses seen in Lord of The Rings, then you’re sure to be jealous of these cool houses pictured on WebEcoist.

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I Can Haz Halloween?

If you love LOL cats as much as I do, you’re sure to be excited about these awesome LOLmart limited edition Halloween tees. They’re only available for a few more days, so go check them out. And for the record, I get no bonuses for promoting these, I just think they’re awesome.

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Stormtrooper Lettermen’s Jacket

I love the recent Adidas line of Star Wars gear, which includes pimped out sneakers, a wookie jacket and now a varsity jacket for stormtroopers. I wonder what sport this would technically be for.