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Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Pics

After sitting submerged in up to 8 feet of water courtesy of Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags New Orleans is rotting and rusting its way back to nature. And the pictures of the park’s present state are simply stunning.

Image by lostlosangeles [Flickr]

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The Real Reasons For Spooky Sounds

Now that Halloween has passed, it just might be time to admit that the creaky noise in the attic is really a mouse not a ghost and that your flickering lights might be a wiring problem, not a sign of a distressed spirit. If you’re ready to face up to the science behind your haunted house, the buzzkills over at Consumer Reports have some interesting stories about the real causes for these spooky problems.

Image via Darkpatator

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9 More Tales of the Undead

If you liked the Mental Floss post from earlier this week about undead creatures from around the world, be sure to check out part two of the series.


Undead From Around the Globe

While most of us are familiar with Haiti’s zombie stories, tales of the undead are told around the world. In fact, the word ghoul is older than the Islamic religion, making flesh eaters a longer-enduring myth than most world religions.


Fountains of Blood

These blood fountains were spotted in Romania as part of a hemophilia awareness campaign. They make an equally impressive spectacle for Halloween.

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A Delicious Halloween Dinner

Pot pies are always tasty, but with a little bit of tentacle flair they can also be adapted into excellent Halloween entrees.

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Ghosts of the White House

Obama and his family better not be afraid of specters, because the whole White House is full of them. From Lincoln to Jackson to Jefferson, some of history’s greatest men have refused to give up their residence in the famed home, even in the afterlife.


Dexter Blood Slide Suckers

Looking for a Halloween treat that’s sure to impress the adult crowd? Try these clever Dexter blood slide candies.


Creepy Abandoned Mental Asylums

Institutions are pretty creepy on their own, but after they’ve been abandoned for a few years, they move on from a little spooky into Silent Hill territory. This collection of disturbing images from abandoned institutions is both fascinating and eerie.