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Adorable Spooky Sock Monkeys

Unfortunately, these adorable little guys are already all sold out, but they’re still fun to look at online.

Advertising New Products or Services

Socktopus Gets Some Love


Personally, I like when a website has good personalized ads. Facebook’s invasive ads make me happy -particularly when they introduce me to awesome things like the socktopus. If he’s not your style, there’s also a great pair of punk sock monkeys on their site. Check it out and enjoy the cuteness.

You may notice some dust over here on the site in the next few days. I’m switching ad providers because The Robert Sherman Ad Network I was working with before was absolute crap and tried to exploit the site by trying to get advertising without paying me. Hopefully you won’t have any technical interruptions during the transition, but just know, if you blog, say NO TO THE ROBERT SHERMAN ADVERTISING AGENCY.