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The Creepiest Bobble Head Ever

Slicey here knows how delicious he is, that’s why he’s determined for you to take a taste. That or he’s a total psychopath who wants to murder you and just to prove to you that he’s insane, he slices himself up first. I actually have one of these at home and I still don’t know if I should run or smile whenever I see it.

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Get Your Own Action Figure

The Japanese company Clone Factory doesn’t need your DNA to make an eerily close copy of you -just a few photographs should suffice. While the Neatoshop sells bobbleheads based on your pics, they aren’t nearly as creepy as these action figures because they manage to stay on the safe side of the uncanny valley. As a bonus, the Neatorama bobbleheads never cost more than $238, but the clone factory charges around $1,700 for your new toy.