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Celebrate Halloween With These Cool Spooky Pins

It’s Halloween time again (finally) and if you like to wear your love for the holiday on your sleeve, or chest, or hat, you’ll want to check out these cool skull pins from Santos Demonios.

Want something a little more adorable, but still a touch scary? Then you might just love this adorable Muppet-style monster. It comes in all kinds of colors, including the purple and green ones pictured, as well as blue, orange and red.

Each cool, spooky pin is laboriously casted, sanded and hand painted, meaning your pin will be entirely one-of-a-kind. You can even reach out to the seller if you have a custom color combination you’re just dying to make into a reality.

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Need: Grumpy Cat Le Miserable Pin


Oh Tard, everything you touch with your grumpy face becomes precious.


Wooden Woody Allen Brooch


Ladies and Gentlemen, lock up your Asian underage daughters because Woody’s got wood. Ok bad jokes aside, how hilarious is this Woody Allen pin? At a mere $26 it’s not over-priced for the level of craftsmanship and detail put into it.

If they made one of Larry David, I’d have to buy one for my BF on his birthday.