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The Ring Noir


When Lord of the Rings and A Chat Noir combine, only terrible things can happen -except for the art, that’s simply fantastic.

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Lilo & Stitch Found The Ring


Not only is it adorable, but it works on so many levels.

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Damn You Hobbitses, Work On Those Resolutions


Ever wonder what PSAs would look like if they were put up around The Shire? These Dorkly posters will give you a pretty good idea -and they’re freaking hilarious.

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Great Pop Culture Art By Pablo Bustos


Who could ever resist adorable pop culture characters doing terribly evil things? For more, don’t miss the great artwork of Pablo Bustos.

Via The Mary Sue

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That’s One Good Looking Nazgul

Yes, that is a Lord of the Rings pin up tattoo with Sauron and a Nazgul. Got a problem with that?

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The Lord of The Cookies

This might just be one of the greatest Threadless shirts made yet.

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Sauron-y Night

It’s about time that Lord of The Rings was combined with Van Gough.


15 Real Hobbit Houses

If you wanted one of those awesome hobbit houses seen in Lord of The Rings, then you’re sure to be jealous of these cool houses pictured on WebEcoist.


Virtually Explore Middle Earth

Sure all of the LOTR books have maps printed in them, but you can’t interact with them when they’re printed on paper. That’s why Kris Kowal created his own version of the maps of Middle Earth that allow zooming, panning and searching. You can also see all place names in both English and Elvish. If you’re familiar with the series, you can quickly lose time recounting your favorite places on the map.