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Make Your Own R2D2 Heels


Regular heels are so…regular. On the other hand, R2D2 heels are the fashion you’re looking for.

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Those Are Some Hot Heels You’ve Got


Looking to spice your style up as much as you spice up all your favorite foods? Then grab a pair of these great Sriracha stilettos for yourself.

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I’d Watch Her Walk Away


Talk about sexy, well put together and geeky, these heels are totally babe-alicious.

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Goose In Boots

Gator’s feet were sensitive to all of the rough pavement he has to walk across (being as how he’s a pet goose who goes on plenty of walks). So to protect his little toes, his owners ordered him his own custom shoes. The result is simply adorable.

Interesting RTD Original

Why Did Dutch People Wear Wooden Shoes?

Nowadays wooden clogs are largely sold in the Netherlands as tourist souvenirs, but have you ever wondered why someone would intentionally want to walk around in shoes that could give you a splinter?

The answer goes back to the country’s name, Neterlands roughly translates into “low lands,” which describes most of the terrain in the area. Because the country is filled with so many low lands, the ground was largely boggy and wet and leather shoes would become easily ruined and could not adequately protect the wearer’s feet from becoming damp. Wooden shoes on the other, were sturdy, could survive the muck and were better at keeping feet dry.

These days they are considered good safety shoes as they are difficult to crush or penetrate. They’re also good for kicking butt, as you can tell from this great Jackie Chan clip.


Hand Painted Katamari Shoes


I love these custom painted Nike shoes painted with Katamari Damacy icons.

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Monopolize This Way

These are a crazy, silly and awesome design improvement for Reebok (who generally are lame). They are official Monopoly shoes. I have to say though, as cool as they are, I’d still never wear them. Would you?