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Fox News Headlines Versus Real Headlines


BuzzFeed has a great collection of Fox News headlines pitted against the real headlines of stories and the discrepancies are hilarious. For example, the story seen above is called “School Goose Round Up Called Off” in a real newspaper the hunt was called off because the geese already left the school grounds.


Fox News Fail


We all know Fox News is full of idiots, but this picture only shows how moronic they really are. Maybe Mrs. Palin isn’t as stupid as she seems, maybe she just mistakenly relies on the geographers that work for Fox. Thanks for the pic Miss C.

Politics Sickening

Fox Lies About Political Parties

mccainD78344567567Remember when John McCain ran for a chance to be Democratic presidential candidate? Neither do I. But Fox News aparently does. While we all know they’re full of it, I was unaware that they routinely change Repulican politicians into Democrats whenever they are in a scandal or just bother the station in some way.