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Fox News Headlines Versus Real Headlines


BuzzFeed has a great collection of Fox News headlines pitted against the real headlines of stories and the discrepancies are hilarious. For example, the story seen above is called “School Goose Round Up Called Off” in a real newspaper the hunt was called off because the geese already left the school grounds.

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Headlines Drawn Literally

F-ck Yeah Headlines creates literal illustrations of newspaper headlines. The results can be pretty ridiculous.


50 Funniest Headlines This Year


Check out Buzzfeed’s funniest headlines of the year. Here’s a tip for copy editors, if someone’s last name is Hooker, try not to just use their last name and the word lay in a headline together.

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Boing Boing Wins Again, another amazing link

Really, mammograms?Thanks Boing Boing for this link to glorious headlines that are totally goofed up. Love Love Love.

This one had me breathing funny to try not to bust out laughing in the middle of work. Come on, Mammograms and shoe repair? Spectacular.