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Heavy Winds Send Waterfall In Reverse

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While most of the US is suffering through a heatwave, Australians are going through a rough winter with incredible winds. How powerful are the winds? Strong enough to send the falling water from the waterfalls shooting back up in the air.


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The Underwater Hiking Trail

No, this isn’t a hiking trail that was flooded during a natural disaster, it’s an Austrian area actually always under a lake during the summer. Then, during the winter, the park is dry and a favorite hiking location for locals.


Ice Hotels and Bars Around The World

As the weather starts to cool down for the season, it’s time to start thinking about your winter holidays, particularly if you want to go to one of these exclusive ice venues this winter.


Chinchilla Poop Explains Past Weather

Neatorama has reported that wild chinchilla poop can be used to determine how much it rained in the distant past, based on how wet their poops are. While that is interesting, it was also a good excuse to post a photo of one of my little angels. Isn’t she a cutie?