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Photos of Dogs Shaking Off Water

If you love the goofy way dogs look when shaking off water, you’ll love these great images by Carli Davidson.

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Accidental Western Scene

How awesome is this water stain in the shape of a Western Scene?


New York’s Water Is Full Of Tiny Shrimp

If you, like me, never got into the whole Tap NYC thing and actually got tired of hearing about snobby New Yorkers and their supposedly superior tap water (I think San Francisco’s is best personally), then it might make you laugh to learn that the water that is so wonderful that it never needs to be filtered is actually filled with microscopic shrimps.


First (albeit lame) Give Away


So I have this weird scald-safe invention I have no use for at all. But I hate just throwing things away. Who wants one? First commenter gets one -be sure to use your real email so I can contact you for your info and what not. Oh, and US addresses only please. I can’t afford international shipping right now.

I’ll be clearing my house of more things soon, so stay tuned for some books and more.

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