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Comic Con Costumes 2008

A collection of costume images from Comic Con 2008.

PhotobucketComic Con this year was awesome and it was a thrill to document all the cool junk going on. While there will be a few posts, including some awesome interviews, this post will be all about the costumes of Comic Con. Keep reading in the future so you can see the coolest Comic Con merch, the hottest comic con girls, interviews with writer of the upcoming animated movie Igor, Emily the Strange’s creator, The Fairly Odd Parent’s creator and more!

The costumes vary from dorky to awesome to lazy to sexy and everywhere in between. Just take a look for yourself. Be sure to click on any you like to see the full image.
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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[…] Souvenirs from Comic Con Published July 31, 2008 Movies , News Tags: costumes, Movies, San Diego Comic Con Comic Con, the home of the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world, is back! This year’s convention was held on July 24th until 27th, 2008, in San Diego. I read Rue The Day about the convention and here are some souvenirs she brought us some souvenirs. These are the best costumes I found on her report. […]

There was a couple wearing mostly black, walking around the convention floor on stilts on Saturday.

Also, the person in the optimus prime outfit – chick! I saw her with the helmet off while waiting in a line.

No Hellboy costumes? I thought for sure someone would do a great job on one!

I saw a few in other people’s image’s (I’m going to make a link post of them later) but I didn’t see any myself.
Funny you mentioned it though, I just watched Hell Boy last night.

Phineus – there WAS a Hellboy costume there, and a really really good one at that. Also there was a way better Optimus Prime, made with plastic instead of cardboard – it looked professional, it had the wheels and all.

It was quite a shock to see one of my good friends on your blog. She’s always goes to these and is often featured in various magazines and blogs, but it was still a surprise to run across her picture on a web page that Stumble Upon sent me to.

WOOT!! In case you were wondering, the musclebound blue guy with the green face, red helmet, and mechanical arm (the one you say you saw pushing a stroller later) is TrapJaw, from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

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