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16 Awesome Geek Gifts

Looking for a great gift for your favorite nerd? Look no further than the selection in this great Oddee article.

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Exterminate Christmas!

In honor of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, get ready for geeky holiday fun with your very own Doctor Who ornaments courtesy of BBC America.

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The Oatmeal Wishes You Happy Thanksgiving

More here.

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Thanksgiving Cupcakes

If you’re looking for a yummy and cute way to enjoy your leftovers, consider these great Thanksgiving cupcakes made with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce. Yummy!

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A Holiday To Get Behind

Blogs provide their readers wit countless hours of free enjoyment, but if you really love your favorite blogs, then why not thank the author with a little gift. November 29’s Pay a Blogger Day asks you to give just a little to those who give you so much free content all year long.

If you want to thank this blogger, you can always send a little something to her paypal at or you could send me something on my Amazon wishlist.

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The Pumpkin Pie Donut

Are you ready to get your holiday on? Then head over to Psycho Donuts and enjoy a pumpkin pie donut that actually contains pumpkin pie filling and is topped with maple icing and graham crackers.

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Dia de Los Muertos Mario Skull

Because we love skulls, the Day of the Dead and Mario, here’s Johnathan Koshi’s delightful Mario sugar skull.

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Hilarious Pumpkin Carvings

It’s never too early to start thinking about your pumpkin carving design for this Halloween. Regretsy has some delightfully fun ideas for those who like to get some giggles with their carvings.

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14 Precious Pet Costumes

Friend of the blog Lady Bee from InventorSpot just posted her yearly collection of adorable pet Halloween costumes and while it might just be a little early for costume shopping, it’s never too early to enjoy adorable pet costumes like these.

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Animals With Stuffed Animals

This just in: baby owls are f-ing adorable. Also just in: baby owls paired with stuffed owls might be able to melt brains with their cuteness. Be warned.

See more dangerously cute animals with stuffed animals here.