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Hilarious Pumpkin Carvings

It’s never too early to start thinking about your pumpkin carving design for this Halloween. Regretsy has some delightfully fun ideas for those who like to get some giggles with their carvings.

Holidays Science

Maximizing Pumpkin Longevity

Ever wonder how to prolong your beautiful jack-o-lantern from becoming a pile of mush? My Science Project has taken a fascinating look at common remedies for pumpkin preservation and found that applying bleach and Pumpkin Fresh are the two best means for preservation, but that applying nothing to the pumpkin can also be a safe option. I only wish they tried WD-40, which was suggested by Extreme Pumpkin master Tom Nardone.


Fascinating Skull Art

Artist Dimitri Tsykalov makes some exquisite works, but his skulls carved from fruit and vegetables are absolutely amazing. Check out more here.