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Dia de Los Muertos Mario Skull

Because we love skulls, the Day of the Dead and Mario, here’s Johnathan Koshi’s delightful Mario sugar skull.

Entertainment Videos

Now That’s A Cover

Just try to ignore the awesomeness that is mariachi Pink Floyd.

Food Holidays

Happy Cinco De Mayo

If you’re ready to get your drink on, be sure to check out my guide to making your own delicious watermelon, strawberry or mango margaritas over on The Cheapskate’s Handbook.

If you’re still inclined to make dinner after drinking too many margaritas, I’ve also written up a great fajitas recipe.

Image via pink_fish13 [Flickr]

Art Funny Politics

Ron English Takes On Border Policy

Ron English has some serious thoughts on US border policy. Fortunately, his method of expressing these beliefs is filled with his usual lighthearted, thought-provoking artwork.


The World’s Scariest Island

Everyone’s heard of the Valley of the Dolls, but the place you really need to look out for is the Island of the Dolls, a small, terrifying island in Mexico featuring overgrown trees adorned with doll body parts. Read more about this horrifying tourist destination on WebUrbanist.