Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

Pee Wee MartiniIn one of the world’s newest, meanest, funniest and all-around best competitions, Pee Wee Martini (right) was NOT named “World’s Ugliest Dog.” Personally, I think this little beast of an animal beat out the winner, Gus, by a long shot as far as looks go. I mean look at the crooked nose and mangled tongue -he makes Rosie O’Donnell look good.

But Gus (left) won, and I’m glad he did because he’s got the story behind the title, he has been fighting skin cancer for years and came from a bad home. Plus, he lost his back leg to cancer and an eye to a cat of all things. He’s a lover and a fighter and he will be in the hearts of all who love his little spirit long after the contest. Go Gus!

In related news, Neatorama has the story of Jenny, Britain’s Most Unwanted Dog. Poor Jenny was in the shelter for a whooping 11 years and has only now been adopted. I love this story and the people who were willing to give her a good life after all those years in the shelter. Hooray for Jenny!


Terrorism Is Delicious At Buns And Guns

A new burger joint in Beirut has opened with a terrorist theme. Order burgers to the audio of gunfire -no, really, they’re doing that, and the walls are decorated with fake guns and camoflauge. Try a “rocket propelled grenade” -a.k.a. a chicken skewer.

For more info, visit the Metro article.

Humor Sex Short Stories

Ema Enema: A Short Story

Here’s a silly story I wrote a long time ago with some very adult themes. It has a bit of a fairy tale edge to it, so it reads pleasantly. Let me know if you like it, many people will be weirded out by it.


Tasteless, Cruel and Yet, A Little Funny

Taking a tip from the legendary film “I’m Gonna Get You Sucker,” the Chinese have take the goldfish out of shoes and into key chains to support the Olympics. What better way to remember the coming together of different nations in sport than a small fish destined to die in a few days? Read more on this cruel, yet strangely giggle-inducing idea here.

BTW, yes, it probably is a fake, so it’s ok to laugh…just like the bonsai kittens.

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Awesome sites

Boing Boing Wins Again, another amazing link

Really, mammograms?Thanks Boing Boing for this link to glorious headlines that are totally goofed up. Love Love Love.

This one had me breathing funny to try not to bust out laughing in the middle of work. Come on, Mammograms and shoe repair? Spectacular.

Daily Goodness

Quote of The Day

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Humor Sex Short Stories

Cinderella Undercover

I wrote this a few years ago as my own answer to the traditional Cinderella story so many young girls adopt for their life’s road map. It’s a little feministic, but mostly silly. It’s also a bit long, so be forewarned.

Cinderella scoured away at the bathroom floor as she watched her sisters and stepmother follow the coachman out the front door.

“I wish I could go to the ball,” she said, “I know I could win Prince Charming’s heart and escape my overbearing, hateful family.”

“I don’t think you really wish that,” whispered a voice in the corner of the room.