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6 Glitches That Made Games The Way They Are

Did you know the Easter egg was invented by someone who was pissed at the gaming company they worked for or that Laura Craft’s rack was devised only because a programer accidentally made them too big? Learn more about these funny glitches on Cracked.

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Hilarious Newspaper Errors

Long before there were idiots to make fun of on YouTube and Craigslist we had to rely on the papers for our laughs. Here are a few great examples of good times long gone.


D’Oh: Big Mistake Guys

Sorry, but how exactly did you mix these two charges up? I’m glad that’s not my paper. Source

Awesome sites

Boing Boing Wins Again, another amazing link

Really, mammograms?Thanks Boing Boing for this link to glorious headlines that are totally goofed up. Love Love Love.

This one had me breathing funny to try not to bust out laughing in the middle of work. Come on, Mammograms and shoe repair? Spectacular.