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Inflatable Street Art

Here’s some cool street art that won’t leave you deflated. I’m sorry, it was just too easy to resist.

Art Graffiti Interesting

Before You Die

What do you want to do before you die? It’s an interesting topic of discussion that makes for an equally interesting topic of street art. Artist Candy Chang painted this in New Orleans, providing ample chalk for anyone interested in adding to the discussion.

Art Entertainment Funny

Lionel Richie Street Poster

That’s right, all they lyrics to Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For.

Art Funny Graffiti

Brilliantly Placed Street Art

Street art is always cool to look at, but like most art, it is best when it invokes emotion -even if that emotion is humor like the piece above manages to inspire. Oddee has some wonderfully contextual pieces of street art that manage to take advantage of their locations.

Art Graffiti Interesting

Tiny People Street Art

Aren’t they just adorable?


Freakishly Clever Parisian Street Art

Graffiti is so passe. Artist Gregos is changing the rules of the game by decorating the streets of Paris with plaster casts of his face. Some of the pieces are left white, but many are painted like those above.

What would you do if you saw one of these on your street?


Star Wars Street Art


Geeks and graff heads are a rare cross over, but when they happen, the result is fantabulous, as seen on this post of Star Wars street art pieces.