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World’s Most Awesome Shower Curtain

For all your sexy Psycho fantasties you like to dwell upon while cuddling up with that shower nozzle, you now have something to look at. Fun and sexy.

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The Shitbox is A Good Thing?

I’m stuck between considering this brilliant and idiotic. Basically, it’s a cardboard toilet that’s easy to construct, use and dispose. It’s biodegradable too.

Pooping in public has never been so cute.

The bad side…is it really strong enough to hold a fat ass shitting for an hour? Also, won’t it leak after a very short amount of time?

Is this something that belongs in “Stupidest Inventions Ever,” or are you happy they finally created it?

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Use the Toilet in India, Earn Some Cash

Here’s a new way to clean up your streets, pay people to use the restroom. If only San Francisco used this approach instead of offering toilets you have to pay to use. The streets sure would smell nicer.

I guess if you’re really poor you have a new option of places to live for your panhandling. Personally though, I’d go to Scandinavia, those bums make bank.

Story found via Neatorama.


Toilet Training: A survival Guide For Public Restrooms

Names, numbers, pictures and dirty words are scattered across the walls. Trying to focus on the messages in a futile attempt to ignore the gagging scent radiating from the other unflushed stalls, you choose a stall. This one is the cleanest, though the seat is decorated with beads of urine. After flushing, you dash from the room to escape catching any additional germs.

Whether called a men’s/lady’s room, crapper, toilet or restroom, going to a public lavatory can be quite a terrifying experience. The above scene is all too common in San Francisco’s bathrooms, indicating only one thing;many Bay Area residents have never learned what to do once inside these fortresses of stink.