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Cats With Owl Faces

These kitties with the faces of owls are both creepy and adorable -a rare combination indeed. You can enjoy more over at BuzzFeed.

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15 Unbelievably Awesome Treehouses

If you’ve always wanted a treehouse, then you’ll really want one of these unbelievable towering treehouses over at WebEcoist.

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An Awesome Weeping Angel Statue Costume

This weeping angel costume is simply amazing, but what’s even more incredible is the fact that the creator has detailed instructions so you can make your own!

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The Most Bad Ass Dog Costume Ever

Seriously, how awesome is this dog cosplay costume from the Otakon convention?

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Coffee Table of the Gods

I had no idea how much I needed a new coffee table until I saw this ad.

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Creepy Photos of New Families

There’s something so delightfully wrong about replacing a baby and it’s mother or father’s heads in a photo. See more here.

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7 Stories That Prove Johnny Depp Is Awesome

As if there were any questions about how awesome Johnny Depp was, these seven great stories will crush all doubt in your mind. Seriously, the man really is a pirate.

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Superhero Dinosaurs

Regular superheros are just so boring these days with their opposable thumbs and high-level cognitive abilities. That’s why Flickr user d.r3sto’s collection of superhero dinosaurs is so bad ass.

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Simpsons/Pulp Fiction Mash Up

If only they’d make this into an actual episode.

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Mad Max Renenactments

What happens when a bunch of geeks obsessed with Mad Max get together in the desert to live out their favorite post-apocalyptic movie? Pure awesomeness.