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Those Are Some Hot Heels You’ve Got


Looking to spice your style up as much as you spice up all your favorite foods? Then grab a pair of these great Sriracha stilettos for yourself.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Grumpy Cat

il_570xN.414875629_3i69Poor Tard, she can’t even enjoy Valentine’s Day, but it’s a complete loss -at least he has a great set of cookies to celebrate the holiday.

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Happy Birthday Bugg!


For Bugg’s 11th birthday party, her human made her a birthday cake that looks like her face. You can tell Bugg was quite impressed.

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13 Great Geek Cocktails


From the Metroid to the Tick to the Giggling Yoda, these great cocktails all sound absolutely delicious and delightfully nerdalicious.

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The Creepiest Bobble Head Ever

Slicey here knows how delicious he is, that’s why he’s determined for you to take a taste. That or he’s a total psychopath who wants to murder you and just to prove to you that he’s insane, he slices himself up first. I actually have one of these at home and I still don’t know if I should run or smile whenever I see it.

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Celebrate The Dark Knight With A Joker Pizza

There’s no better pre-meal munchie than pizza and there’s no better pizza to eat before a Dark Knight Rises screening than a Joker pizza.

*This post was on Neatorama until people complained enough to have it pulled. I’d like to point out that when you let violent jackasses destroy the legacy of something that everyone otherwise loved, you’re letting them win. This idiot doesn’t deserve to be remembered. The victims do, and the victims were fans of the movie don’t forget them and don’t claim to honor them by doing the exact opposite of what they were doing.

/End of rant.

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WANT: Cotton Candy Filled With Pop Rocks

The best part of cotton candy is the texture, so imagine combining that amazing feeling with the delightful crackle and pop of Pop Rocks! Now that’s a party in your mouth and Tiki Pop is here to please. The product is currently out of stock, but when available, it comes in coconut, blue raspberry, pina colada and strawberry. Yumm!


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The 12 Creepiest Baby Shower Cakes Ever

These range from disgusting to disturbing…and some are a bit of both.

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15 Adorable Holiday Snacks

I’d say they were too cute to eat if my mouth wasn’t already full.

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AT-AT Gingerbread House

I can barely make a square gingerbread house without it falling down. That’s why I respect the heck out of Rachel Klemek of the Blackmarket Bakery, who made this amazing creation.