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The Royal Wedding Dalek

Any Dalek that has been disgraced this badly should want to exterminate himself.

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Misery Bear Supports Red Nose Day

Americans might not know much about Red Nose Day, but it’s a British celebration to raise funds for comic relief. If you have some extra money, you may want to help out, or you could also donate to the Red Cross for the Japanese earthquake fund.

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Law & Order UK Trailer

This is hilarious…by the way, Doctor Who fans, did you notice Martha Jones is in the show?

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“Total abstinence is so excellent a thing that it cannot be carried to too great an extent. In my passion for it I even carry it so far as to totally abstain from total abstinence itself.” Mark Twain

Fact of the Day:
Walt Disney’s famous “logo” signature wasn’t really his; it was designed by a staff artist. – Source (BTW, I’m so gonna get sued for that image at right).

Today’s Holiday:
Play Day in Great Brittan –got out and have fun!

Link of the Day:
Hillary may not be a great option for VP, and Cheney’s no prize, but just look at these great scandalous Vice Presidents.