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Like Cool Stuff? You’re Going To Hell

Funny enough, I would think this list came out of the fifties if it didn’t have Harry Potter and Twilight on there.

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“Footprints” For Jedis

For those of you familiar with the old inspirational Christian tale “Footprints,” here’s the Jedi version. Anyone ready to make it into a cross stitch?


A New Joke I Made Up

How does a gold digging Christian justify her lifestyle? “Jesus saves so I could spend.”

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Halloween, what is it really?

Mental Floss has some great info on the origins of my favorite holiday, Halloween. Enjoy!

Console Games Entertainment Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Video Games and Rock Aren’t Evil

If your grandma has ever got on your case about being Satanic because you’re playing video games or listening to some real rock music, now’s your chance to worship god while playing a knock off video game that imitates songs that want to be rock…except they replace “baby” for “Jesus.”

Yeah, Guitar Praise really is that lame.