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The 10 Creepiest Abandoned Prisons

I’ve featured tons of abandoned places on the blog before, but I’m not sure if any are as creepy as these abandoned prisons from Environmental Graffiti. Be sure to read the whole descriptions in order to really get the chills running down your spine.

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7 Riduculously Stupid Successful Criminal Defenses

Can you believe someone actually managed to beat a murder wrap by claiming she believed she was trapped in the Matrix? If you think that’s bad, check out the rest of these terrible criminal defenses.

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I Could Use Some Advice Here

I hate to break away from our usual goofy posts, but I have a question for anyone out there who might know the answer. So here’s my problem; I got this bill in the mail today demanding $8.08 for a collect call from someone in prison. But not only do I not know anyone in prison, I didn’t even have this phone line back in December when they say the call was actually placed.

I know it’s a small amount, but obviously I don’t want to pay a bill for something that I had nothing to do. I also don’t want this to go to collections and risk having it hurt my credit score. But, I’ve also looked this company up and found that they are incredibly shady, so I’m not sure if I should call them because it might require giving them enough personal information for them to try to scam me out of even more money.

What do you guys think is my best option here? I am leaning towards calling them, but I want to make sure I won’t be shooting myself in the foot by talking to them and verifying my name and address.

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5 Celebrities With Ethnic Makeovers

Did you know Jackie Chan had eye widening surgery or that Rita Hayworth was once a Mexican dancer named Margarita Carmen Cansino? Learn more about celebrity ethnic makeovers in this Cracked article.

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Now There’s A Big Baby

Speaking of creepy, check out these disturbing adult baby masks by artist Landon Meier.

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The 12 Creepiest YouTube Videos

If you enjoy watching convicted sex offenders sing “Pretty Woman” and watching grown men hump inflated toys, then you’ll love this list of the creepiest YouTube videos ever.

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20 Seriously Strange Twitter Pics

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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6 Unbelievably Insane Surgeries

Did you know a woman in Mexico gave herself a c-section or that one American veteran actually gave himself a sex change? Read these gasp-worthy stories and more in this brilliantly disturbing Cracked article.

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One Seriously Creepy Cake

Yeah, that is a baby cake. See it being cut here.

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The World’s Nastiest Animal Defenses

This gull is puking foul smelling oil that will actually kill most sea birds. Shockingly, that’s not even one of the top 5 grossest animal defenses in this Cracked article.