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36 Amazing Nature Photos

If you love jaw-dropping nature photography (and who doesn’t) then don’t miss out on this stunning gallery over on BuzzFeed. That is all.

Art Holidays

Ray Villafane’s Incredible Pumpkins

Sure anyone can carve a pumpkin and lots of people can make elaborate designs, but it takes an even higher level of skill to create ones that look like they’re being squished when you put your fingers in the crevices. Ray Villafane is just that good.


Adorable & Inspiring Pictures Of Animals With Disabilities

If you dig this corgi with his wheelchair, don’t miss these other great images of special needs animals.

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Adorable Picture of An AT-AT in a Meadow

What a romantic picnic. It’s so damn cute!

Art Travel

Wonderfully Creepy Abandoned Crypts

Belgium has a lot of crypts are no longer maintained and the images of these abandoned places of death are wonderfully creepy.

Animals Art Nature Wildlife

Animals Face To Face

This photo gallery by Stefano Unterthiner might just be one of the greatest I’ve seen in a while.

Art History Interesting

“Reflections” On The Past

It’s hard not to love these amazing pictures of older folks reflecting on their younger selves in the mirror.

Art Funny

A New Use For Potholes

What happens when artists decide to come up with functional uses for potholes? Find out.

Art Funny Geekery

Superheroes Doing Chores

Greg Segal followed a few superhero impersonators from Hollywood to their home and took pictures of them performing everyday household chores. The result is surreal and hilarious.

Art Interesting

Naked Bodies Turned Into Nature Art

Cecelia Webber uses nude human bodies to portray gorgeous natural structures. Check out more of her images over on Environmental Graffiti.