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The True Cost of Being Batman or Iron Man

It would cost a whopping $682 million to be Batman. Think that’s bad? It costs $1.6 billion to be Iron Man!

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15 Adorable Dogs Dressed As Superheroes

Comic Con will be upon us soon, so to help prepare you for the epic awesomeness, here are some dogs decked out in their best cosplay outfits.

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Batman Takes On Van Gogh

The Dark Starry Knight is what happens when Batman travels through time to influence Van Gogh.

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Superheroes Doing Chores

Greg Segal followed a few superhero impersonators from Hollywood to their home and took pictures of them performing everyday household chores. The result is surreal and hilarious.

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Justice League Wedding

What happens when superheroes participate in a wedding while assuming their secret identities? Great photos happen of course.