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Ducks Stop A High Speed Police Chase

Someone arrest this duck, she’s interfering with police duties!

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6 Legal Ways Cops Can Mess With You

Next time someone tells you that only criminals should be paranoid of the police, be sure to show them this article.

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Police Miss The Ball On Pedobear

The scariest thing about pedophiles is that, unless they are card-carrying members of NAMBLA, they’re pretty difficult to distinguish from the rest of the creepy-looking populace.  But don’t tell that to the San Louis Obisbo Sheriff’s Department who thinks that popular internet meme Pedobear is actually a way for sex offenders to communicate their lust for children to one another. Apparently, they even kicked someone out of Comic Con for dressing as Pedobear and handing out candy, not understanding that the last person who would molest kids would be a teenager wearing a costume mocking the icon used to shame creepy child molesters.