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Kitty Kills Doppleganger Balloon

Take that!

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Easter Egg Balloons

Tired of decorating eggs? Try balloons instead.

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Muppet Balloon Animals

Most balloon animals are simple, one-colored creatures, but these Muppet balloons by the Black Cat Balloon Company are so complex they’re just amazing.

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The Cutest Videos of 2010

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of top of 2010 lists. That being said, it was impossible to ignore the greatness of this Cute Overload list with the ten cutest videos from last year, including the one above.


Wedding Dresses Made of Balloons

Daisy-Balloon-8I know a lot of you like the wedding posts on here. Here’s a good one about wedding dresses completely made from balloons. I would totally wear some of the designs on this site. Would you?