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Need: Grumpy Cat Le Miserable Pin


Oh Tard, everything you touch with your grumpy face becomes precious.

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Those Are Some Hot Heels You’ve Got


Looking to spice your style up as much as you spice up all your favorite foods? Then grab a pair of these great Sriracha stilettos for yourself.

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The Best Geek Wedding Rings Ever


Looking for a great geeky wedding ring? Look no further than Etsy seller SwankMetalsmithing. Not only do they have great premade designs, but they will even custom make a wedding band. Prices vary based on the metal and stones used, but can go anywhere from $200 to $15oo. Someone want to propose to me? I’d love one of these.

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Pokemon Eye Makeup


You’ll never actually get to be a Pokemon or even own your own, but you can at least take fashion inspiration from their great character designs with eye makeup like this one.

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Oui Oui Kitteh


Etsy seller To Scarborough Fair sells these amazing cat berets your your cat can be as fashionable as the girl Prince once sang about in Raspberry Beret. How chic!

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That’s One Dapper French Bulldog


Here’s a handsome little man ready for a night out on the town. Honestly, he’s better looking than most people’s dates.

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You Can Own Your Own Workaholics Jacket


Workaholics is great, but so far the best thing on the show has been Blake’s awesome bear coat. Now you can buy it for yourself over at the Neatoshop!

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Doctor Who Sock Five Pack


Hot Topic is always a trend hopper, which means occasionally they catch onto something that actually is pretty awesome. In this case, it happens to be these awesome Doctor Who socks and other awesome Doctor Who merchandise. Better grab yours soon, who knows when the next Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj take over the store again.

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NEED: Reversable Chewbacca Jacket


Yes, this jacket seriously has the rebel logo on a brown background when worn one way and looks like Chewbacca! Unfortunately, it’s out of stock right now, but damnit if we don’t all need one of these awesome things.

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I’d Watch Her Walk Away


Talk about sexy, well put together and geeky, these heels are totally babe-alicious.