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Horton Hears A Cthulhu

When Dr. Seuss and H.P. Lovecraft combine, magic is made.


Doctor Seuss Star Wars

If the last College Humor article with sci-fi stories turned into children’s books wasn’t enough for you, then enjoy this delightful collection of Star Wars moments transformed into the style of Doctor Seuss.

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5 Sci Fi Stories Turned Children’s Books

College Humor has an excellent collection of five sci-fi classics reimagined as children’s books. Enjoy.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Cracked Out Kid’s Books

Personally, I love kids books, but there are some topics that just shouldn’t be included in their subject matter. All Things Mundane took a great look at a few extreme examples to prove that just because something’s marked safe for kids to read doesn’t actually mean you’ll want to let your children anywhere near it.