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Yelp Reviews For Places You Can’t Go

Fans of American Psycho will recognize Dorsia as one of Patrick Bateman’s favorite places to hang out. Of course, it’s not real, which makes its listing on Yelp a great inside joke for anyone familiar with the story. Read about more fake and funny Yelp pages over at Mental Floss.

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Fuck You Yelper!

Yelp is a great place to find reviews from ordinary people, but sometimes it also serves as a reminder of what douchebags ordinary people can be. Fuck You Yelper collects some of the most annoying, racist and stupid reviews on Yelp and puts them together for your spiteful pleasure.

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Abortionplex Has Its Own Yelp Page

If you’re on the net a lot, then there’s a good chance you’ve already seen the Onion’s great article on Planned Parenthood’s new Abortionplex, but did you know the “facility” even has its own Yelp page now.