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Video Games and Rock Aren’t Evil

If your grandma has ever got on your case about being Satanic because you’re playing video games or listening to some real rock music, now’s your chance to worship god while playing a knock off video game that imitates songs that want to be rock…except they replace “baby” for “Jesus.”

Yeah, Guitar Praise really is that lame.


Most Adorable Deer Baby Ever…Thanks to Cute Overload

Too Cute!!!!Cute Overload has the cutest little deer with an equally sweet story attached. A couple found this little baby deer on the side of the road where its mommy was just ran over. The couple took it upon themselves to nurse the baby back to health.

It hangs out with kitties, takes walks and tries to nurse on a Great Dane. How much more adorable can you get?

On the discussion side of things, what will happen to little Jet grows up? Surely they can’t have a full grown deer in their house and I don’t think you can just let a little guy like that back into the wild. I’m not saying what they did isn’t sweet and wonderful, but what do you think they will need to do in the future?

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The Boy With A Weeiner on His Back

A Chinese baby born with a penis on his back was “fixed” after three hours of surgery this weekend. Wowzers. Thank Perez!