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Amazing Gardens Of Math and Death

I’m a terrible gardener, but I love plants, which is why I was so fascinated by this great article featuring a variety of incredible gardens, including this one -the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.

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11 Things Governments Have Banned

Did you know Australia has banned porn featuring small breasts or that China doesn’t allow gaming consoles? Learn more over at Oddee.

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Wonderfully Creepy Abandoned Crypts

Belgium has a lot of crypts are no longer maintained and the images of these abandoned places of death are wonderfully creepy.

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Darth Visits Disneyland

To promote the re-opening of Star Tours, Disney released this great video of Darth Vader taking a trip to the park.

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Awesome Blackboard Yearbook Pics

If the Cold War was still going on and being fought through high school year books, Russia would have officially won this year.

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Heavy Winds Send Waterfall In Reverse

(Video Link)

While most of the US is suffering through a heatwave, Australians are going through a rough winter with incredible winds. How powerful are the winds? Strong enough to send the falling water from the waterfalls shooting back up in the air.


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Creepy Monkeys In Masks

You may consider it cruel, but street performing monkeys are the only means of income some poor Indonesians have. And the pictures of these creatures are stunning, sad and creepy all at the same time.

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An Awesome TARDIS Cafe

Personally, I don’t even like coffee, but I would drink it every day if it meant getting to buy it from the TARDIS.

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Awesome Cookie Packaging

I want this Japanese cookie now!

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11 Funny Road Signs

I love that there is a car and snowmobile crashing at the same time. Check out more funny road signs here.