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The Perfect Book On Odd Fetishes: The Deviant’s Pocket Guide

A helpful review of the book. Bottom line: I highly recommend it.

The BookThe Deviant’s Pocket Guide To The Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained In Your Subconscious is a glorious exploration into freeky deeky sexuality.

The old favorites, BDSM, necrophillia, etc., are all represented well here, but there’s so much more to love. As someone who loves searching the net to observe as many strange and funny obsessions as possible, it means a lot to say that this book has many fetishes I had never even thought of -such as nasophillia, the obsession of noses.

Additionally, the book educates you about the fetishes in detail. It tells you what people feeling these desires fantasize about and warns you about potential hazards of exploring these fetishes. I enjoy reading about the psychology behind certain strange desires and was interested to know that quite a few of these obsessions begin with a fear. For example, many people with acrotomophillia, an amputee fetish, actually have a strong aversion to amputated body parts.

Writer Dennis DiClaudio is humorous, informative and surprisingly, non-sexual, in his portrayal of these desires. When he mentions foot fetishes, he talks about pointing with toes and jumping being a lot of fun -only implies sexual behaviors.

The book is a real treat to read. Even people who have a sense of humor, but aren’t obsessed with finding new and silly fetishes will still love it.

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