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Spray On Condoms Look Like A Blast -Knuck Knuck Knuck

So all joking aside, having a spray on condom is a cool idea. They dry in 25 seconds and can fit everything to a mouse to an elephant wang . Besides bestiality purposes, normal humans can find some good use for these as well. The article says that people are worried it won’t be romantic. What’s not romantic about shaking a can and spraying it around your lover’s junk? Oh yeah, but I’m one of those weirdos that thinks sex shouldn’t always be dead serious. Oh well.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Twirl and Tumble At Work, How Fun

MSN has a great review of one of the stupidest inventions ever, the Hula Chair. It is designed to help you get in shape at work by twirling your way to a better body.