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Tardis Room Door

I need this at my house.

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Playboy Takes On Tron

If you never thought Tron was sexy, check out this Playboy series and you’ll change your mind.

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Law & Order UK Trailer

This is hilarious…by the way, Doctor Who fans, did you notice Martha Jones is in the show?

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Doctor Who Marrying His Own Daughter

Now matter how you slice it, David Tennant’s recent engagement to Georgia Moffat is pretty darn strange. It has nothing to do with their age difference or the jealousies of so many single women. Instead it has everything to do with Doctor Who.

In the show, Georgia played the daughter of The Doctor (played by Tennant). In real life, Georgia is the daughter of Peter Davidson, who played the fifth incarnation of the Doctor. That means that either way, The Doctor is marrying his daughter.

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Doctor Who Nesting Dolls

Twitter User Molly Lewis made these Doctor Who nesting dolls for her boyfriend as a Christmas present. Luckily, she was kind enough to share them with the world. If only we could convince her to make more and sell them on Etsy.

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Doctor Who Gingerbread Men

I’m in love with David Tennant, Daleks and K-9, so these gingerbread cookies by Deviant Art user Metallicar-67 just might be my favorite gingerbread treats ever concocted.

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Cybermen Take Over The Tube

Mind the evolution gap. In honor of the opening of The Doctor Who Experience, a group of cybermen boarded the London Underground on the 24. Fortunately, no upgrades seem to have taken place.

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Stormtrooper Lettermen’s Jacket

I love the recent Adidas line of Star Wars gear, which includes pimped out sneakers, a wookie jacket and now a varsity jacket for stormtroopers. I wonder what sport this would technically be for.

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Chipmunk in Star Wars Land


I love this little photo set on Geeks Are Sexy. It’s adorable and really retells the story in an all new, furry way.