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Annoying Suburban Mom Memes

I love these memes because I think we all know someone like this.


Terrible Parents Shop At Walmart

By now you’ve probably seen some of the many trashy parents on People Of Walmart, but this collection of horrible parents at the store makes you weep for humanity’s future.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“Light purple isn’t called light purple, it’s called lavender.” –An annoying mom overheard at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Fact of the Day:
Enough sunlight strikes the face of the earth in one hour to

satisfy the entire globe’s energy needs for a year. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
Work Like A Dog Day –I think I’ll work like my dog, and by that, I mean sleep and eat all day.

Link of the Day:
This has been circulating the interwebz for a while now, but if you still haven’t seen 9 Reasons Not to Date A T Rex yet, please do click. It’s adorable and brilliant.

Short Stories

For My Father

I have a hard time writing about my dad. For one thing, I love and respect him more than anyone else I’ve ever met. For another, I know that he really loved his daughters more than anything else in this whole world. I’m not very good with organizing my thoughts and putting them down on paper when it comes to things I’m so passionate and biased about.