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6 Great Etsy Gifts for the Fallout Fanatic In Your Life

True Fallout fanatics have almost certainly already got their hands on the latest incarnation of their favorite series, but just because they already have Fallout 4 doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to give them this holiday season. In fact, Etsy has tons of amazing, one-of-a-kind creations dedicated to the post-apocalyptic game series. Here are a handful of items that would make excellent gifts for any die-hard Fallout fans.

A Pip Boy


Every Fallout player knows just how critical a Pip Boy is to your survival in the wasteland.

Vault Dweller Dress


Just because the world has ended doesn’t mean we can’t look good and every gal will look great in this Vault-approved dress.

The Fallout Christmas Card


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show someone you care even after the apocalypse.

A Wasteland Care Package


Sugar Bombs, Nuka Cola, Fixer and more, you’re sure to brighten any Wasteland wanderer’s day with this care package.

Vault Boy Cookie Cutter


Finally a chance to make cookies just like the Vault cafeteria did back home.

A Painting of Obama With a Pip Boy Riding a Unicorn in a Vault Suit


If you have to ask why, you’re never going to understand.

Etsy is always a great place to find unique items that satisfy just about any strange interest. During the holidays, their gift guide is particularly handy for finding gifts for all those hard-to-shop-for people, so even if you don’t need a Fallout-related gift, you’re sure to find the perfect item for everyone on your list.

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