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Now there are some goals I can get behind.  Austin has created a new program where students can read out loud to cats. It helps children learn and feel comfortable reading aloud and it helps socialize cats. One adorable little boy read to the cats and summarized the experience by saying, “They started fighting each other. Big tails and hissing. They don’t appear to be doing it right now. I think they like this book better: ‘Monkey for Sale.’ “

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the day:
“Be gentle to all and stern with yourself.” -Saint Teresa of Avila

Fact of the Day:
In a bad economy, more females are born than males. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
National Trail Mix Day…again, August sucks at holidays.

Link of the Day:
Behold the hotel where I actually saw a ghost. It’s super haunted. Hotel Monte Vista.


Baboon Teaching Kitty to Sit

Neatorama posted this first, but it’s so cute I can’t pass it up. National Geographics archieve has this photo and story and it’s so cute and silly.

Photography by Kurt Severin, National Geographic Image Collection

A patient little cat endures lessons in baboonery. According to notes accompanying the photograph—which arrived at the Geographic in 1956 but was never published by the magazine—”Baboon mother tries to make Fluffy sit up like a good monkey baby. But the kitten always falls back on her four legs. It seems like such a hopeless case.” The baboon, named Helen, was an attraction at Ross Allen’s Reptile Institute, a roadside zoo funded in 1929 in Silver Springs, Florida. She may have been a holdover from the days when Tarzan movies were filmed in the region and Allen provided animal actors for visiting Hollywood productions. —Margaret G. Zackowitz

Awesome sites Console Games

Fun Video Games That Actually Teach You Something -Wow

InventorSpot has a list of four cool video games that are educational as well as fun. I’m not too crazy about most educational video games, but he posted the OG “Oregon Trail” and “Where in The World Is Carmen San Diego.” Where on earth would I have been without those beauties?

Also, he forgot Mavis Beacon…while much of the game was kinda lame, the grocery store conveyor belt game to teach you the number key pad rocked. Seriously, it was awesome.