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The Gallery of Comparative Anatomy

I wish I heard of this wonderful anatomy museum when I went to Paris. For now, I guess I’ll have to settle for looking at these great pictures.

Art Crafts Sickening

Disgusting and Awesome Taxidermy Art

I already linked to this post filled with taxidermy jewelry, but here’s some great dead animal artwork to go along with it.

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Decidedly Creepy Taxidermy Jewelry

If you forgot to get the person you’re stalking a Valentine’s present, it’s never too late to get him or her some deliciously freaky taxidermy jewelry.


Ginea Pig Hair Comb

GuineaPigHairComb-thumb-500x459-23229I am severly disturbed by this comb created by Reid Peppard I’m all for taxidermy and fur-accessories, but putting the top half of a dead rodent in your hair is just freaky.