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The Best Health PSA Ever

Dr. ZDogg wants to make sure you check yourself monthly for testicular abnormalities and he has the best possible way to help you remember.

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Is This The Scariest Peice of Merch Ever?

Michael Jackson Sleep Mask

This Michael Jackson sleep mask is by far one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen. I love MJ’s music and all, but could you imagine waking up beside someone wearing this? ::Shivers::


Michael Jackson Auction


I have to say this photo collection of the Michael Jackson’s auction is great. Love the glasses and sunglasses. View the link to see them all.


Dail C For “Creepy”

Photo by flikr user Mag3737
Photo by flikr user Mag3737

According to YesButNoButYes, some weirdo is selling a used, and UNWASHED, pair of Michael Jackson’s tighty whiteys…no, I don’t mean his boy toys, I mean his underwear.

Whether or not you think he really is a child molester, buying men’s used undies is pretty gross, especially when they belong to someone that fades in between man, woman and space alien at least 3 times per minute.

On the other hand, if any of you want to buy any of my used underwear for $500, we may be able to arrange something. I assure you I have never molested children or been accused of being a man…so at this price, you’re a fool not to buy! Hey, a girls gotta make some money somehow.