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New Web Concept -Photo Chaining


I am in love with the idea behind this new website Photochaining. Essentially, the whole point is to get a photocard and add some strange images, then leave the memory card in an envelope instructing the person to upload their favorite image on the site. That person then takes weird images of their own and passes it along to the next person.
As much as I think this is just brilliant, I do have one thing I’d like to say: If you happen to have found a memory card around 4 years ago with all of my Europe photos on it, please send them back to me without erasing them. Wait, that was 4 years ago, at this point, it’s kinda creepy if you haven’t erased them.

New Products or Services Travel

Public Trasportation That’s Not Public

If you’re like me, you’ll love this concept of trains with private seating pods. I think it would be ideal if two people could mutually agree to open their pods together if you’re traveling together, but traveling alone is a far, far improvement over the existing “hope a stranger doesn’t molest or rob you” method of public transit. Of course, maybe I just like that idea because I’m anti-social.

The one drawback I really see as impassable, what do you do with the pervs and junkies who violate the very privacy they long for?

New Products or Services Poetry

The Shitbox is A Good Thing?

I’m stuck between considering this brilliant and idiotic. Basically, it’s a cardboard toilet that’s easy to construct, use and dispose. It’s biodegradable too.

Pooping in public has never been so cute.

The bad side…is it really strong enough to hold a fat ass shitting for an hour? Also, won’t it leak after a very short amount of time?

Is this something that belongs in “Stupidest Inventions Ever,” or are you happy they finally created it?

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