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Use the Toilet in India, Earn Some Cash

India’s new plan to keep their streets clean involves paying people to use the toilet.

Here’s a new way to clean up your streets, pay people to use the restroom. If only San Francisco used this approach instead of offering toilets you have to pay to use. The streets sure would smell nicer.

I guess if you’re really poor you have a new option of places to live for your panhandling. Personally though, I’d go to Scandinavia, those bums make bank.

Story found via Neatorama.

By Jill

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3 replies on “Use the Toilet in India, Earn Some Cash”

Never been to India but that sounds really nasty. Can you even imagine what that place must smell like if you have to pay people to use the toilet instead of taking a leak in the street??

Really? This is happening? For the last 18 years I’ve been living in India, I didn’t come across any such “approach.”

Get some money, buy a plane ticket to India and visit Chandigarh.
For all I know and have experienced, it should put every city in states like North and South Dakota.

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