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The Worst Employees In Video Games

What do you call a plumber who spends all of his time chasing after a princess instead of fixing pipes? That’s right, a pretty lazy plumber.

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Video Games and Rock Aren’t Evil

If your grandma has ever got on your case about being Satanic because you’re playing video games or listening to some real rock music, now’s your chance to worship god while playing a knock off video game that imitates songs that want to be rock…except they replace “baby” for “Jesus.”

Yeah, Guitar Praise really is that lame.

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Fun Video Games That Actually Teach You Something -Wow

InventorSpot has a list of four cool video games that are educational as well as fun. I’m not too crazy about most educational video games, but he posted the OG “Oregon Trail” and “Where in The World Is Carmen San Diego.” Where on earth would I have been without those beauties?

Also, he forgot Mavis Beacon…while much of the game was kinda lame, the grocery store conveyor belt game to teach you the number key pad rocked. Seriously, it was awesome.